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Singapore ESG Certification Release Time:2022-01-22

To ensure the safety of consumers, the consumer product safety office of Singapore (CPSO) implements the consumer protection (safety requirements) Ordinance (CPSR).

Brief introduction

To ensure the safety of consumers, the consumer product safety office of Singapore (CPSO) implements the consumer protection (safety requirements) Ordinance (CPSR). Its purpose is to safeguard the safety of consumers by ensuring that consumer products supplied in Singapore are safe to use and comply with applicable safety standards. The plan stipulates that suppliers of controlled products must register with the safety authority. 33 categories of household appliances, electronic and gas appliances and accessories, also known as controlled goods, must be tested according to specified safety standards, registered with the authority, The registration of controlled goods under CPSR is based on the certificate of conformity (COC) issued by the designated third party conformity assessment body (CAB), or the Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) declared by the registered supplier , and a safety mark is affixed before leaving the factory and sale in Singapore market.


Regulated product

The Control List of 33 Controlled Goods under CPSR includes air conditioners, air conditioners, desk lamps, adapters, coffee makers, slow cookers and other similar appliances, light strings, fans, hair care appliances, home computer systems, irons, liquid heating appliances, microwave ovens , Portable sockets, rice cookers, washing machines, water heaters, socket plug wall switches, etc.


Basic Information

Authentication attributes


Authentication type

Supplier Declaration of Conformity ,   Certificate of Conformity

Issuing agency

Enterprise Singapore Consumer Product Safety   Office CPSO Accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) or Conformity   Assessment Body (CAB-MRA) in a signatory country to the Singapore   Accreditation Agreement

Factory inspection


Certificate validity period

3 years


Certification mark


certificate template

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