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CB certificate rules update Release Time:2023-11-27

Recently, IECEE published the procedural document "OD-2037 Edition 4.3" for CB certificate issuance rules on its official website, updating the relevant rules for cross-product categories, product model naming and product built-in software packages involved in CB certificates. The official release date and official effective date of this rule are January 1, 2024.


Important updates for OD-2037 Edition 4.3:

6.3 It is allowed to combine products of different product categories into one CB certificate, as long as the multiple product standards and reports involved are listed on the same certificate, such as power supply, etc. This means that if a company produces products in multiple categories, they can prove the compliance of their products through one CB certificate without the need to apply for separate certificates for each product category. This simplifies the process and reduces unnecessary costs.


8.4 For different hardware and software of the product, each different product configuration must have a unique model name.


10.1 A separate CB certificate can be issued for products in the following cases: According to IEC 60730-1 Appendix H (Article H.11.12), independent software packages designed to provide product security measures (for example: software libraries used in programmable ICs and ASICs and software). This means that if a product contains an independent software package, the software package can obtain a CB certificate separately. If the software package is used in a final product application, the certificate should state that the software package must undergo additional evaluation according to the relevant final product requirements. . For example: IEC 60335-1 and household appliances procedure document OD-2045.



Applicants need to note:

According to this procedural document, the issuance rules for CB certification will be more stringent.

lFor cross-product categories, the new rules require applicants to clearly fill in the product category, model and name, as well as relevant technical specifications and parameters in the application form.

lFor product model naming, the new rules require applicants to provide the complete model name and title of the product in order to accurately identify the product type and specifications.

lFor built-in software packages, the new rules require applicants to provide detailed information of the software package and relevant supporting documents to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

lThis procedure document also stipulates the application process and certification body for CB certification. According to the program document, applicants can choose to apply through third-party certification agencies. These agencies can provide complete certification solutions, including writing technical documents, organizing product testing, assisting in communicating with CB laboratories, etc.

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