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Turkey adopt CE-RED

Release Time:2021-01-26

RTTE (1999/5/EC) is no Longer in Force

On December 5, 2020, the Turkish regulatory institution, Bilgi Teknolojileri veİletişimKurumu(BTK), suspended all type approval applications and officially announced to adopt RED (2014/53/EU) to replace the previous directive RTTE (1999/5/EC). 

No Need to Apply for BTK Type Test

If the product complies with RED directive, and the manufacturer prepares the RED conformity / CE mark, Turkish manual, product label and sample in accordance with the consumer protection law of the Ministry of trade, it is no need to apply for BTK type approval.



BTK Issue Formal Letter to the Importer.

BTK has also sent a formal letter to the importer regarding the application process for type standards. In the letter, BTK also reminds importers to pay attention on market regulatory requirements to avoid unnecessary punishment.


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