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An Overview of Consumer Product Safety Law (PSC)

Release Time:2021-08-22

According to Consumer Product Safety Law, consumer products which are more likely to cause harmfulness to human body due to the product structure, materials or use methods need PSC certification mark when they enter Japanese market. Products under PSC catalog also need to be recorded in METI.

Consumer products are divided into 3 categories: PSC diamond Certification, PSC circle Certification and SG mark.
(1) “Special Specified Products” needs PSC diamond certification, such as portable laser equipment, lighters, cribs, hot water circulators for bathtubs. These kinds of products are required to be tested by registered certification body to gain certificate and marked with PSC diamond mark. It also needs factory audit.
(2)“Specified Products” needs PSC circle certification, such as household pressure cooker, motor vehicle helmet, mountaineering rope, fuel water heater, fuel boiler and fuel heater. These products should have PSC circle mark.
(3)Other consumer products need SG voluntary certification, and the products should have SG mark.

SG mark is a voluntary system used to prove the safety of consumer products. The target consumer products include more than 100 kinds of commercial products, such as baby products, welfare equipment, furniture, household products, kitchenware, sports equipment, leisure products and so on. Each target product has corresponding SG standards, and products in compliance with SG standards will have SG mark, such as child seat for bicycle use.


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