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Extended Producer Responsibility EPR Service Introduction Release Time:2023-02-10

Extended Producer Responsibility ( EPR) is an environmental policy that requires producers to be responsible for the entire life cycle of their products on the market, that is, from the beginning of product design to the end of the product life cycle (including waste collection and processing). According to the regulations on the extension of producer responsibility, the responsible subject must reduce the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the products.

1. Definition of producer

Producer refers to the party who first puts the goods into a country/region that need to meet the extended producer responsibility requirements of a country/region (France or Germany).

2. Producer's Responsibility

If you are a producer of goods that fall within the scope of the Extended Producer Responsibility requirements, you must contact the relevant Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) for each EPR commodity classification to obtain an EPR registration number and provide the platform with your EPR registration number .

3. EPR commodity classification?

1) Applies to the classification of goods within the scope of the [French] Extended Producer Responsibility obligation

serial number

EPR classification

Product description (French)



Electrical and Electronic equipment

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment

Household appliances, lamps, professional electronics



Used Batteries and Accumulators

Portable, Automotive and Industrial Batteries


Packing 1

Waste from Household Goods Packaging

Packing box and package of goods (such as boxes for toys), shipping boxes, shipping labels and tape, etc.


printer paper

Abandoned drawings

Printed matter such as user manuals, wallpaper, gift cards, and advertising inserts



Waste from furniture fittings

Home and Professional Furniture



Textiles, household linens, footwear, etc.

Apparel textiles, household linens and footwear



waste from tires

Automobile tires, agricultural tires and heavy-duty off-road tires


2) Applicable to the classification of goods within the scope of extended producer responsibility obligations in [Germany]

serial number

EPR classification




all packaging types


electrical and electronic equipment

temperature exchange equipment

Screens, Display, and devices containing a screen surface greater than 100 square centimeters


Equipment with external dimensions exceeding 50 cm (large equipment)

Equipment with external dimensions not exceeding 50 cm (small equipment)

Small IT and telecommunications equipment with external dimensions not exceeding 50 cm



Automotive Batteries, Industrial Batteries and Portable Batteries

Reminder: If electrical and electronic equipment containing batteries are sold to Germany, they must be registered for both electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

4. What are the specific requirements of the e-commerce platform?

From 2022, if you sell goods in France and/or Germany, the e-commerce platform will collect and verify your EPR registration number to ensure that you are compliant with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the country where you sell ) requirements. If you cannot prove to the e-commerce platform that you meet the requirements of EPR, the platform will take the following measures:

1) Germany:

The platform will be obliged to suspend the non-compliant products published by you under the EPR product classification.

Packaging: All goods requires this start from July 1, 2022

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) - All items that are classified as Electrical and Electronic Equipment require this start from 1 January 2023


In the United Kingdom , France , Spain , Austria and other countries, the platform is waiting for more information to be announced by the corresponding national regulatory agencies, and will promptly inform more details about this information .

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