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ISO Issued New Toy Safety Standard ISO 8124-1: 2022 Release Time:2022-11-30

On September 15, 2022, the International Standards Organization (ISO) issued a new version of the standard ISO 8124-1: 2022 Safety of toys-Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties. The new standard replaces the old version of ISO 8124-1:2018 and its two revised standards ISO 8124-1:2018/Amd 1:2020 and ISO 8124-1:2018/Amd 2:2020.

Compared with the old version, the new version of ISO 8124-1: 2022 is revised as follows:



Clause 2

Added normative reference ISO 4593 and ISO 868

Clause 3 

Modified the following definitions: “pull or push toy”, “resilient material”

Clause 3

Definitions alphabetized

Clause 4

Standardized the wording of references to Annex B

Clause 4.4.1

Limited the exemptions for writing materials such that they do not

include removable components

Clause 4.4.2, 4.5.2, 4.5.7

Added labelling requirement for retail displays for unlabelled toys

without packaging


Eliminated the requirement that the warning be on the product

Clause 4.11.6

Specified location of warning


Added toys intended to be suspended from a wall or ceiling to the scope

Clarified the location of warnings

Clause 4.11.4

Removed requirement on information of hazards

Clause 4.12.2

Added requirement for safety stop or locking device

Clause 4.16.1,4.16.3

Added options to ventilation requirements

Clause 4.22

Added labelling requirement for protective equipmen

Clause 4.23

Added new speed limitations for electrically-driven ride-on toys

Clause 4.26

Added examples to clarify scope of requirements

Clause 4.27

Modified warning requirement and clarified location of warning

Clause 4.29

Added requirement for pull or push toys                Specified location of warning

Clause 4.30.2

Specified location of warning

Clause 4.31.2

Specified location of warning

Clause 4.37

Added requirements for functional toys

Clause 4.38

Added requirements for toys intended to come into contact with food

Clause 4.39

Added requirement for inflatable toys

Clause 5.10.2

Added reference to ISO 4593

Figure 35

Modified dimensions


Clarified reference to test method for pull or push toys

Annex B

Removed the location of warnings (now in Clause 4)   Standardized references to Clause 4

Annex B B.2.3

Added a non-technical note about the graphical symbol

Annex B.2.6, B.2.10, B.2.12, B.2.13, B.2.14,

Added example warning

Annex B.2.18

Modified example warning

Annex B.2.24

Added new clause with warnings for flying toys

Annex B.3.7

Added new clause for instructions of projectile toys

Annex B.3.8

Added new clause for instructions of toy bicycles

Annex B.3.9

Added section addressing instructional literature for scooters

Annex B.3.10

Added section addressing instructional literature for remote-con-trolled flying toys


AGC reminds relevant enterprises to pay attention to the new developments of relevant regulations and standards on toy products in a timely manner, fulfill corresponding obligations, and submit products for inspection regularly to effectively prevent subsequent risks.

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