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ISO Issued New Toy Safety Standard ISO 8124-2:2023 Release Time:2023-06-29

On May, 2023,the International Standards Organization (ISO) issued a new version of the standard ISO 8124-2:2:2023 Safety of toys-Part 2:Flammability. The new version effect immediately.

Compared with the old version, the new version of ISO 8124-2:2023 is revised as follows:



Clause 3

Added new definitions for cleansing, flowing elements,highly flammable solid, toy disguise costume, toys intended to be entered by a child and washing.

Clause 4.1

Highly flammable solids have replaced "materials with similar behaviour in fire as celluloid" from the previous edition.

Clause 4.2

Requirements for flowing elements ("material with similar features" in previous edition) have been reworded to aid clarity.

Clause 4.2.5

Revised application to apply to all toys to be worn on the head if not covered by preceding subclauses of 4.2.

Clause 4.3

New requirements for toy disguise costumes which contain loose stuffing which would otherwise fall out during testing (to


Added requirements for toy disguise costumes to be tested before and after washing even if instructions state not to wash.


Fully revised to increase testing of smaller specimens by allowing combined specimens or half-sized specimens and narrow materials as well as specifying testing of fillings, trims and embellishments.

Clause 5.4.2

Addition of wire mesh to test specimen holder to allow testing of narrow materials.

Clause 5.4.6

Revised expression of results.

Clause 5.5

Inclusion of soft-filled parts of disguise costumes if they contain loose filling which would otherwise fall out during testing under

Clause 5.5.3

Clarified that the measurement of maximum unhindered dimension refers to the part(s) that are soft-filled regardless of whether the toy has a head or not. Clarified that timings are made to the top of the soft-filled parts and not to the top of the entire toy unless the top of the toy is also a soft-filled part.

Annex A

Removal of previous A.2.

Annex A.3

Clarification of test categories applicable to different types of toys to be worn on the head.

Annex A.4

Clarification of test categories applicable to different types of toy disguise costumes.

Annex A.5

Inclusion of advice on how to assess whether certain toys are to be entered by a child.

Annex A.7

Clarification that toy disguise costumes should be washed regardless of whether they contain mechanisms that can be damaged by washing.

Additional recommendation to add marker thread B and explanation of wire mesh added to test specimen holder.

Annex A.8

New clause with suggestions to manufacturers of toy disguise costumes on how to reduce rate of spread of flame.

Annex A.9

New clause with flow charts to aid clarification on how to obtain test specimens from toy disguise costumes.


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