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Singapore IDA certification Release Time:2021-10-20

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is an institution responsible for information and communication management.
IDA management on the use of telecommunications products is mainly based on technical specifications formulated by IDA. Telecommunications equipment sold or used in Singapore must apply for IDA.

Pre-Import Approval

After 15th April 2010, expect for below prohibited telecommunications equipment need pre-import approval, other telecommunications equipment no need to do pre-import approval.

Scanning receivers

Military communications equipment
Telephone voice changing equipment
Radio communications jamming equipment used in any frequency band
Radio communications equipment (eg, cordless telephones) used in the frequency band 890MHz - 915MHz to 935MHz - 960MHz, excluding cellular mobile telephones or other regulatory agency approved equipment.

Import Procedures for Telecommunications Equipment

Importers should ensure that imported equipment complies with relevant IDA technical specifications, such as line terminal equipment standards or radio communication equipment standards.
If the imported equipment is intended for sale or lease, the importer should apply or register appropriate dealer license.
Products should be registered with IDA before selling or rental.
In addition to exempted products, a license is also required to operate radio communication equipment in Singapore. A list of exempted products can be found in the Telecommunications Notice (Exemptions for Sections 33/34(1) (b) and (35).

Dealer License:

Dealer Class License (DC): Allows the license holder to trade or sell registered equipment or telecommunications equipment that does not require approval under Schedule 1 of the Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations (such as telephones, cellular identification devices, facsimile transceivers, etc.).
Distributor Individual License (DI): Allows the license holder to trade/sell unregistered equipment (for export only) in addition to the above mentioned products. From April 15, 2010, the validity period of the DI license was extended from 1 year to 5 years.

Application Requirements


Equipment Registration Program
(a) Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER) (implemented in 2007)
 Applicable to complex multi-line equipment or short-distance equipment or low-power ISM band equipment (for a detailed list, see Appendix B, Table B.1 of the "Telecommunication Equipment Registration Guidelines"). It includes PABX, TKS, ISDN equipment, DECT phone, WLAN, Bluetooth equipment, RFID, wireless microphone, radio monitoring, remote control and telemetry equipment.

(b) Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)
     Cellular (2G/3G/GMPCS) Mobile terminals and broadband access equipment (ADSL and cable modems).

(c) General Equipment Registration (GER)
    Equipment types covered in Table B.1 of Appendix B of the Telecommunications Equipment Registration Guidelines, and land mobile radio receivers, mobile base stations, UWB and WBA equipment and short-range equipment that require an IDA license compulsorily.



Registration methods for each program and required   document.

ESER Program

SER Program

GER Program



Statement certified by an IDA-accredited   body

Statement assessed by IDA

Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC).
  Sales brochure and equipment pictures with technical information.

Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) (based   on manufacturer or IDA-accredited body's test report or certificate).
  Equipment photo.
  Sales brochure with technical information.

Declaration of Conformity (SDoC).
  Certificate issued by accreditation body.

Equipment photo.

Comprehensive information or sales brochure.


Declaration of Conformity (SDoC).
  Device Photo.
  Device Description.
  Sales Brochure with Technical Data.
  Test Report.
  Feature Support.
  User Guide.



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