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Bluetooth v5.4 and QEP v4 seminar ended successfully!

Release Time:2023-03-10


On March 9, 2023, the "Bluetooth v5.4 and QEP v4 seminar" organized by AGC officially started, which is mainly to talk and share something about the new features of Bluetooth v5.4 and the Bluetooth qualification enforcement program v4.


Mr. Totti Huang, the Bluetooth qualification consultant approved by Bluetooth SIG, served as the main lecturer in this seminar, and participated in this seminar with relevant business leaders, elites, and industry experts from the Bluetooth industry.

1.New features of Bluetooth v5.4 


Totti explained in detail the periodic advertising with response, encrypted advertising data, advertising coding selection, and LE GATT security level characteristic in the new features of Bluetooth v5.4. The release of new features of Bluetooth v5.4 has laid the foundation for new Bluetooth applications.


2. QEP v4 Bluetooth Qualification Audit Program


During the seminar, Totti highlighted the Bluetooth SIG board's approval of v4 of the Bluetooth qualification enforcement program, renamed the Trademark License Enforcement Program. 


This version will be implemented in March 2023, and the penalties for repeated violations will be increased. The purpose is to guide companies that use Bluetooth technology and trademarks to correctly complete Bluetooth qualification to jointly create a benign and sustainable Bluetooth ecosystem. 

3. Tea break time 


During the tea break, AGC prepared exquisite high tea for those who came to the seminar. The guests discussed the confusion and discoveries, and someone also took this opportunity to get to know professional peers and experts. Everyone enjoyed the time.


 4. Questions & Answers & Lucky Draw


In the Q&A session, the guests actively asked some questions and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the content of this seminar, which was answered by our lecturer Totti.  


Finally, AGC prepared exquisite gifts for the guests who came to the seminar, so that the guests returned home with a rewarding experience.



5. AGC Bluetooth wireless technology testing and certification services



AGC's testing and certification business covers electrical and electronic product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency testing, reliability testing, chemical/physical testing, automotive electronics testing, battery testing, environmental monitoring, etc. 


AGC provides one-stop Bluetooth qualification service, with a senior engineering team and BQC. 


AGC also has rich experience in testing and project processing, and has a Bluetooth qualification test laboratory approved by Bluetooth SIG, with two sets of full-standard Bluetooth RF test systems that support BR/EDR/LE configurations, covering Bluetooth 4.2/5.0/5.1/5.2 /5.3 core version. 


So far, the Bluetooth v5.4 and QEP v4 seminar has come to a successful conclusion! I would like to thank all the guests for their active participation, our lecturer Totti for his generous sharing and patient explanation, and the leaders of AGC for their strong support.

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