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Three laboratories of AGC were hired as China Society for Inspection and Testing Physical Standard Collaborative Laboratory

Release Time:2023-08-11

Recently, three wholly-owned subsidiaries of AGC have successively received letters of appointment issued by the China Society for Inspection and Testing, officially becoming the "Collaborative Laboratory for Physical Standards" of the China Society for Inspection and Testing. This is a high affirmation of AGC's overall scientific research and technical capabilities. We will take this opportunity of being hired into the database, adhere to standards as the basis, rely on data, and make full use of the opportunity of comparison with domestic high-level laboratories to strengthen exchanges Communication, continue to enhance the influence of the industry, and strive to make greater contributions to the construction of the national standardization system and the high-quality development of the inspection and testing industry!

The AGC affiliates who were invited to be hired this time are Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Std&Tech Co.,Ltd., and Shenzhen New Energy Inspection Co., Ltd. The three laboratories focus on their respective main services, respectively in the electronics industry. It has established a good market reputation and brand influence in the fields of electrical product testing and certification, physical and chemical analysis and testing, and automotive electronics and parts testing.

Carrying out the valuation and verification of physical standard samples is not only a form of inter-laboratory comparison, but also an important way to verify the quality of laboratory testing work. The construction of the China Society for Inspection and Testing Physical Standards Collaborative Laboratory Library aims to give full play to the technical advantages of the incoming inspection and testing laboratories, further guarantee and improve the quality of physical standard samples, and help promote the overall improvement of the quality of work in the testing industry.

China Society for Inspection and Testing is a national, academic, and non-profit social organization voluntarily initiated by national inspection and testing scientific and technological workers, relevant scientific research institutes, scholars in colleges and universities, enterprises and relevant representatives of the society. Technical research and development and exchange of field inspection and testing physical standards. The physical standard is a reference to ensure the consistency of the implementation results of the standard in different time and space, and it has uniformity, stability, accuracy and traceability. Standard samples are an important technical basis for the implementation of written standards and an indispensable part of standardization work.


Attachment: Laboratory Employment Certificate:


Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Std&Tech Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen New Energy Inspection Co., Ltd.

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