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Alibaba adds control rules for ten product categories of French EPR Release Time:2024-01-05

Continuing the announcement on October 27, 2023 about the compliance requirements for new categories of French EPR , Alibaba International Station will strengthen compliance control starting from April 2, 2024. According to the clear formulation of EPR-related systems and compliance requirements in French environmental regulations, the platform has added French EPR control rules, which will take effect on January 4, 2024 .


Specific product categories under control :

serial number

EPR classification

Product range

Product examples (non-exhaustive)



Household consumer chemicals, DIY painting/paint tools, etc.

Paints, coatings, alcohol, glue, sealants, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, paint brushes, etc.


Medical puncture equipment

Puncture devices for self-treatment, such as needles, and pen-type devices with retractable needles

Catheters, needles, and pen devices with retractable needles


Tobacco accessories

Tobacco accessories

Tobacco, cigarette paper, filters, etc.


Mineral or synthetic lubricants, mineral or synthetic industrial oils

Lubricant or industrial oil (mineral or synthetic)

Lubricating oil, diesel, gasoline, etc.


Sports and leisure products

Equipment and parts thereof for use in sports or outdoor leisure environments

Bicycles, skateboards, snowboards, roller skates, helmets, knee pads, etc.;

Camping tents, bows and arrows, trampolines, footballs, climbing axes, table tennis tables, fitness mats, dumbbells, fishing rods, kayaks, etc.


DIY and garden supplies

Internal combustion engine driven machinery and equipment

Lawn mowers, edge trimmers, blowers, chain saws, etc.

DIY equipment, including hand tools (other than internal combustion engine powered machinery and equipment)

Wrenches, hammers, pliers, saws, picks, wheelbarrows, etc.

Products and equipment for garden maintenance and landscaping, except decorative ornaments and swimming pools.

Garden sheds, flower pots, barbecue boxes, gardening gloves, gardening shears, etc.


Building products and materials

Construction industry building products or materials suitable for home or professional use

Mineral materials or products: masonry, gypsum board, marble, ceramic tiles, etc.

Non-mineral materials or products: wooden boards, steel bars, plastic pipes, curtain walls, glass doors, faucets, mobile homes, etc.


toys and games

Toys (as defined in Article 2 of Decree No. 2010-166 of February 22, 2010 on the safety of toys)

Plush dolls, bicycle toys, building block toys, etc.

Models, puzzles and board games.

3D model toys, puzzle toys, card games, checkers, etc.


Yacht or sports boat

Yachts and motor vessels as defined in the transport code

All yachts from 2.5m to 24m for sale in France: motor boats, sailing boats, jet skis, dinghies, sport catamarans, etc. Boats designed for pleasure boating at sea and inland waters (lakes, rivers or streams).


motor vehicle

Passenger cars, trucks, two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicles and motorized quadricycles

Passenger cars, trucks, two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicles and motorized quadricycles


on sellers :

1. After Alibaba adds new control categories, it means that EPR categories will be added accordingly . For example, a seller originally sold toy products containing batteries. Before the policy changed, the seller only needed to register the battery and packaging categories. After the policy update, the seller not only needed to register the battery and packaging categories, but also the toy category.

2. After Alibaba added French EPR control rules, sellers that meet the requirements not only need to register for the additional EPR categories, but also need to declare waste for the new product categories as scheduled.


AGC reminds:

Since Alibaba’s new French EPR control rules came into effect on January 4 , sellers must follow the platform’s reminders to ensure that relevant products sold to France meet the relevant French EPR laws and regulations. For merchants that do not comply with French laws, regulations and compliance requirements, The platform may take corresponding measures to deal with it. It is recommended that sellers make adjustments according to the rules of the platform to avoid risks in a timely manner and ensure the smooth sales of goods in overseas markets.

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