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New EU EPR Battery Regulations: Amazon sellers must submit registration numbers before August 18, 2025 Release Time:2024-07-10

Recently, Amazon has once again issued a compliance notice for the upcoming EU EPR battery law. According to the new regulations, all sellers who produce independent batteries or built-in batteries in products must submit a registration number to Amazon before August 18, 2025 to prove that their products comply with the new EU standards. If the seller fails to submit on time, Amazon is obliged to stop selling non-compliant products or enforce relevant regulations on behalf of the seller. The specific practices will vary depending on the country or region.


In addition, the new battery regulations also require sellers to assume the responsibility for the collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries, including paying related fees and ensuring that necessary information is provided to users.


Who needs to submit a battery law registration number?

If you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor, or other natural or legal person, you are considered a "producer" of the battery regardless of the sales technology used (including distance contracts).


Products affected by the new battery regulations:

The new battery regulations will have a wide impact on a range of battery products, with particular attention to the following five categories:


Portable batteries: This category includes widely used batteries.

Light vehicle batteries: batteries that power light vehicles such as electric bicycles and electric motorcycles.

SLI batteries: starting, lighting and ignition batteries, mainly used in cars and certain other types of vehicles.

Industrial batteries: batteries used in industrial equipment and machinery, including those used for backup power or large machinery.

Electric vehicle batteries: batteries that power electric vehicles, including all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


For most sellers, most of the products sold are portable batteries. The portable batteries referred to in the European Battery Directive 2006/66/EC are sealed batteries with a mass of less than 5kg, which ordinary people can carry by hand without difficulty:

1. Single battery (AA, AAA batteries, etc.)

2. Mobile phones, laptops, cordless power tools, toys

3. Household appliances, such as electric toothbrushes, shavers and handheld vacuum cleaners, as well as any batteries or accumulators that consumers may use for normal household applications.


What do sellers need to do?

To avoid affecting product sales, sellers must complete the following 3 steps of compliance operations as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation of the store.


1、Apply for a registration number:

Sellers who produce independent batteries and products containing batteries need to complete the Battery Law registration in the country of sale. It is recommended to contact AGC to obtain the registration number.


2、Upload the registration number:

Upload the Battery Law registration number on the country page where the registration is completed to prove to Amazon that the products you sell have complied with the relevant provisions of the Battery Law.


3、Declaration & Payment:

Report battery sales to the relevant EU institutions or producer responsibility organizations on time and pay the corresponding recycling fees.


AGC reminder:

Amazon will provide sellers with detailed information on the battery requirements for extended producer responsibility in specific EU member states in the third to fourth quarters of 2024, including how to submit registration numbers and pay ecological fees. This information will be provided after the EU member states confirm the relevant requirements, and AGC will promptly update you on subsequent compliance requirements.


Since the Battery Law registration process itself may take some time to complete, in order to avoid a hasty response when the regulations come into effect, AGC recommends that sellers start preparations as early as possible to ensure that all necessary registration steps are completed before August 18, 2025 to avoid the suspension of sales of products or incurring additional compliance costs.

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