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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Issued the Direct final rule for Safety Standard Mandating for ASTM F963-23 for Toys Release Time:2024-01-29

On January 18, 2024, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Issued the Safety Standard ASTM F963-23《Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety》. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC or Commission) has allowed the revised standard, ASTM F963–23, to become the mandatory toy standard. The rule is effective on April 20, 2024, unless CPSC receives a significant adverse comment by February 20, 2024. If CPSC receives such a significant adverse comment, it will publish a document in the Federal Register withdrawing this direct final rule before its effective date.

The new version of ASTM F963-23 is revised as follows:



Heavy Elements in Toy Substrate Materials

Adds subsection of a description of exemption  material and the  circumstances of the exemption.


This revision will now be congruent with the current U.S. Federal phthalate requirement (at 16 CFR 1307), the current CPSC test method, and the materials determinations regarding third-party testing promulgated by CPSC.


These revisions amend definitions for push or pull toys (formerly referred to as “push/pull” toys) and tabletop, floor, or crib toys, to clarify the differences between these types of toys and reduce the likelihood of inconsistency in determining the appropriate test methods and sound limits for a given toy.


a)Extend use and abuse scope.That apply to toys intended for children 8 years; 

b)A requirement that a fastener on a battery com- partment door must remain attached to the toy or battery compartment , to avoid loss of the fastener;

c)A manufacturer - supplied specialty or custom tool if supplied with the toy, to include instructional information to consumers regarding the use.

Expanding Materials

a) Extend the scope of the expanding materials;

b) Revising the tolerances and significant figures of the expanding materials gauge.


The sections have been adjusted to a sequence that is more logical .

Labeling Requirements

Add tracking label requirement.

Instructional Literature

The instructional material for toys which require amanufacturer -supplied specialty or custom tool to access the battery(ies) shall

direct caregivers to retain the tool for future use, to store it where the child

cannot access it, and state that the tool is not a toy.


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