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Compulsory product CCC certification has been fully upgraded to electronic certification certificates Release Time:2024-01-08

According to the "Announcement of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration on Improving the Management of Compulsory Product Certification Certificates and Marks" (No. 12, 2023), starting from January 1, 2024, the new version of "Management Requirements for Compulsory Product Certification Certificates" and "Compulsory Product Certification Certificates" Certification Mark Management Requirements" was officially implemented, and CCC certification fully implemented electronic certification certificates.

Starting from January 1, all designated compulsory product certification agencies nationwide will issue compulsory product certification electronic certification certificates to certification clients. If the certification client needs it, the designated certification agency can issue additional paper certification certificates. For valid paper certification certificates issued by designated certification agencies, certificate-holding organizations can continue to use them and naturally transition to electronic certification certificates through changes, expiration, etc. Paper certification certificates and electronic certification certificates have the same legal effect.

The electronic certificate document format is based on my country's electronic document exchange and storage format standards, and uses the OFD (Open Fixed-layout Document) document format to issue electronic certificates. Certificate holders can use OFD professional tools such as "Kingsoft WPS" and "Mathematics OFD Reader" to view electronic certificate information and verify the electronic signature information of the certificate. Please be aware that PDF reading software cannot open the new version of the electronic certificate.

Detailed address:https://www.agccert.cn/certificate_show/684.html

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