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Introduction to PSC Certification Release Time:2021-11-15

According to the Japanese Consumer Goods Safety Law, c PSC certification mark is required for consumer products that are easy to cause harm to human body due to product structure, materials and use methods when they are sold in Japan. Products within the scope of PSC also need to perform METI filing.

There are 3 categories  for Consumer goods certification: Diamond PSC certification, circular PSC certification and SG mark:
(1) Diamond PSC compulsory certification is required for specially designated products, such as portable laser application devices, lighters, cribs, and hot water circulators for bathtubs. Such products are required to be tested and verified by a registered certification body, issued a certificate ,with a diamond shaped PSC mark on the lable, which requires factory inspection.
(2) Circular PSC certification for specified supplies, such as household pressure cookers , motor vehicle helmets, ropes for mountaineering, oil-fired water heaters, oil-fired boilers, and oil-fired heaters. The product should br marked with a circular PSC logo.
(3) Other consumer and daily necessities require SG voluntary certification, and the products should be marked with the SG (Safety Goods) mark.

The SG Mark is a voluntary system used to certify the safety of consumer products. The target consumer products include more than 100 kinds of commodities such as baby products, welfare equipment, furniture, household products, kitchen products, sports equipment, and leisure products. To set standards (SG standards) for each target product and display the SG logo for products that meet the standards. Example: Child seat for bicycle。



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