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SASO, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Authority, issued the "Technical Regulations on Electromagnetic Compatibility" Release Time:2023-12-16

On November 17, 2023, Saudi Arabia issued the "Technical Regulations on Electromagnetic Compatibility". This technical regulation aims to determine the basic requirements for electromagnetic compatibility of equipment and determine the conformity assessment procedures that suppliers must comply with to ensure that these products comply with the intended requirements. Basic requirements to protect the environment and user health and safety, and to facilitate market research procedures. This regulation will come into effect on May 15, 2024 .

To comply with the requirements of this regulation, suppliers must meet the following requirements:

Ø The electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment shall not exceed the level required to affect the operation of radio, telecommunications equipment or other equipment.


Ø Equipment should be equipped with equipment that protects against the risks of electromagnetic interference expected when used, so that it can function properly without unacceptable risks when used for its intended purpose. 


Scope of application :

This regulation includes: equipment defined in the standards in Appendix 1 (84 in total), including multiple product categories, see Appendix 1 of the regulation for details;



The scope of this regulation does not include: 

Ø Radio and Long Distance Telephone Equipment (R&TTE) 

Ø Aviation and aerospace products and parts 

Ø —Communication equipment used by amateurs 

Ø medical instruments

Ø A device with the following physical characteristics 

a. Equipment that cannot generate or respond to electromagnetic radiation that exceeds the acceptable level of radio equipment; 

b. Telecommunications and other equipment, when operated as intended, are not affected by electromagnetic interference generated during normal use.


Ø Electronic boards designed for experts to use directly in research .


Equipment documentation must meet the following requirements: 

(1) Saudi standard requirements and explanatory data requirements described in Annex (1); 

(2) The text should be written in Arabic as the first choice. It can also be written in other languages except Arabic, and Arabic should be considered; 

(3) The images and texts used do not violate Saudi Arabia’s public order, public morals and Islamic values; 

(4) Place the product in a conspicuous place and clearly display the following information: 

a. Name and supplier information b. Brand c. Country of origin d. Warnings and safe disposal after use e. Use of warnings 


Procedure for Supplier Declaration of Conformity: 

(1) Suppliers responsible for placing and displaying regulated equipment on the market must issue a supplier declaration in a format consistent with the format of the listed internal control procedures for production; 

(2) The internal production control procedures and the technical documents contained in the attachment are attached together with the products; 

(3) Suppliers must maintain compliant procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of this technical regulation;

(4) Equipment bearing the Saudi quality label meets this technical requirement.


Link to the original text of the regulation:
https://www.saso.gov.sa/ar/Laws-And-Regulations/Technical_regulations/Documents/TR-Equipment-and-Protective-Systems-Intended-for-Use-in-Potentially-Explosive- Atmospheres.pdf

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